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True Stories of Good People is a podcast about amazing people doing amazing things - brought to you by GoFundMe. There are so many incredible stories of support and selflessness that pass through our platform, and we thought, what better way to tell those stories than to hear directly from the wonderful people involved? And so, True Stories of Good People was born. 

In each episode, your host, Kelsea Little, sits down with someone who has made a difference in other people's lives, or has had their life changed by someone kind - and sometimes both! From Baltimore, to Jacksonville, to Los Angeles, to Oakland, True Stories of Good People brings you inspiring conversations from some of the world's biggest hearts. We hope you'll end each episode with a smile on your face, and a sense of faith in humanity. 



Meet the Team

True Stories of Good People is brought to you by a small, tight-knit team of people whose mission it is to bring you an inspiring podcast that leaves a smile on your face. Meet them below!

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Kelsea Little

Kelsea is a San Diego native (almost) who loves spreading positivity in whatever ways she can. She's also the founding member of the GoFundMe communications team, and has been with the company since 2013. Her passion is telling stories that inspire, and so this podcast is a dream come true for her. When she's not at GoFundMe or in the podcast studio, you can find her hanging out with her dog, trying new recipes, or getting some exercise in the California sun. 


Kirsten Myers

Kirsten is LA-based designer and, while she isn’t a California native, she has fully adopted the California lifestyle. She is a member of the LA GoFundMe design team and has spent the last year on the CrowdRise team. Kirsten is the creator of all things design for the podcast, including the awesome logo, website, and social channel content. 

Joey Glocke & Nick Patri

Joey Glocke & Nick Patri

Joey Glocke & Nick Patri are the duo behind Cloud Studios in Seattle, Washington. Along with editing and producing every single episode of True Stories of Good People, the very first episode was recorded there on-location all the way back in August 2017. They are passionate about working with musicians and voiceover artists on a wide variety of recording projects. Be sure to check out their podcast, Cold Cans, where they review a different beer every week!

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